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Lidar & PX4flow doesn't work

Posted by Alex 3 months ago


after loading ardupilot on the ocpoc zynq mini, i can not get the data from Px4flow on APMplanner as shown on the ardupilot wiki
then by adding the lidar, I get to see the pX4flow data on APMplanner's Inspector Mavlink which is displayed for 1 second then it goes back to zero (opt_m_x & opt_m_y data, do not display continuously over time, sometimes one of them go to zero, sometimes both, every second,

and if I connect directly to the OcPoc via the cable i2c (6 pins), in a terminal I see the lidar data that appears (Lidar_distance) but still after a moment of operation (30 seconds ~ 40 seconds) the Lidar disconnects and displays a message that I add to the code here


be16_t val;
// read the high and low byte distance registers
if (_dev->read_registers(LL40LS_DISTHIGH_REG | LL40LS_AUTO_INCREMENT, (uint8_t*)&val, sizeof(val))) {
uint16_t _distance_cm = be16toh(val);
// remove momentary spikes
if (abs(_distance_cm - last_distance_cm) < 100) {
state.distance_cm = _distance_cm;
last_distance_cm = _distance_cm;
hal.console->printf("Lidar_distance =%d , check_reg_counter = %d \n",last_distance_cm, check_reg_counter);
} else {
hal.console->printf("Lidar...... RangeFinder_NoData \n");

hard : OcPoc zynq mini
soft: ardupilot 3.6-dev
sensors: Px4flow & Lidar lite V3

I do not know if if because of the insufficient power supply (two sensors are connected to the OcPoc) and the OcPoc is powered via USB

thanks for any help

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