Install Required Hardware

You only need two things to integrate μLanding with your system:

  1. μLanding C1
  2. 5V DC power supply

Attach μLanding to Airframe

Step 1: Secure the base lock on the airframe or any other suitable position, ensuring that the fastener points down vertically (when airframe is standing upright).


uLanding™ Base Lock


secure the base lock on the airframe

Step 2: Attach and secure μLanding under the base lock.


screw uLanding™ on the base lock

Powering μLanding

Step 1: Connect 5V DC power supply to the RED port.
Step 2: Connect GND to the BLACK port.
(connections shown below)

Connection between μLanding and Receiver Device

Connect your own receiver device with corresponding interface and protocol.

Once everything is hooked up and assembled, move on to Data Receiving.


What’s Next