Connecting to Mission Planner

Using Mission Planner

This Tutorial is Under Development(April 17)

This walk-through uses the Mission Planner software. It assumed that you have completed 'Running ArduCopter on OcPoC™ Zynq Mini' tutorial


First Time Configuration Only

need to document changing the parameters in Mission Planner


  • Frame_Class = 1 (for quad)
  • Frame_Type = 1 (for quad)

Connecting to Mission Planner

Next connect the USB telemetry to your computer, and start up Mission Planner (or any compatible ground station software), select the correct COM port from the upper right corner, and make sure the baud rate is set to either 115200 for a wired connection (i.e. the USB cable you used to connect to the OcPoC with gtkterm) or 57600 for a wireless connection(i.e. wireless telemetry).

Click "Connect".

If the link is successful, it should start downloading the vehicle's parameters and updating its information.

Where to go from here

Mission Planner: If this is your first time connecting to Mission Planner you will need to calibrate your airframe before you can start flying with OcPoC - click HERE for instructions on calibrating your hardware.