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Welcome to the Aerotenna User and Developer Hub. Here you'll find guides, manuals, tutorials, and Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started with using OcPoC and μSensing radars, as well as support and discussions if you get stuck. Welcome!

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OcPoC Zynq Specifications

Hardware Specifications

OcPoC-Zynq includes a wide variety of sensor ports and available I/Os, and all are fully programmable. OcPoC is more than an inside-the-box flight controller. It is an adaptable, powerful embedded flight controller platform that redefines what UAVs can do.

OcPoC-Zynq includes:

• 24 programmable tri-pin PWM I/Os
• 12 programmable tri-pin versatile I/Os
• 8 programmable analog inputs
• On-board GPS receiver, IMU, and barometer
• SD card slot for Linux booting and data logging
• USB-OTG and USB-UART support
• Ethernet connection
• 2 serial communication ports
• SPI and I2C interfaces
• CSI for camera