OcPoC Zynq Specifications

Hardware Specifications

OcPoC-Zynq includes a wide variety of sensor ports and available I/Os, and all are fully programmable. OcPoC is more than an inside-the-box flight controller. It is an adaptable, powerful embedded flight controller platform that redefines what UAVs can do.


OcPoC-Zynq includes:

• 24 programmable tri-pin PWM I/Os
• 12 programmable tri-pin versatile I/Os
• 8 programmable analog inputs
• On-board GPS receiver, IMU, and barometer
• SD card slot for Linux booting and data logging
• USB-OTG and USB-UART support
• Ethernet connection
• 2 serial communication ports
• SPI and I2C interfaces
• CSI for camera

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