Running PX4 on OcPoC™ Zynq Mini

Before You Begin

Follow the steps in Running ArduCopter on OcPoC™ Zynq Mini to power your OcPoC board.

When you connect to the OcPoC, with the PetaLinux rootFs, you will need to enter a password, which is set to "root" as the default.

Start PX4

NOTE: The PX4_rootfs from Aerotenna's github repository has PX4 set to autorun on bootup of the OcPoC. The following step is only necessary if this autorun is disabled.

Once you are logged into the OcPoC, you can start PX4 with the following command:

./px4 posix-configs/ocpoc/px4.config

This command will start PX4 with wireless telemetry and GPS/Compass enabled. See PX4's documentation for how to continue development in PX4 and what you can do from the PX4 shell.