Required Files

All files are available on Aerotenna's GitHub

Click HERE to take a look at our GitHub repositories.

Linux Kernel

The files you need are located on Aerotenna's GitHub. If you don't yet have Git installed, open a terminal and type the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install git

Once this is installed, navigate to a directory where you want to download the files for this tutorial. We chose the directory /tmp/OcPoC. But you can choose whatever place you want.

$ mkdir /tmp/OcPoC
$ cd /tmp/OcPoC

Now clone the OcPoC files from GitHub:

$ git clone

Take a look inside the OcPoC_Zynq_files directory:

$ ls OcPoC_Zynq_files

You should have the following files:






Next, grab ArduPilot from our GitHub which is compatible with OcPoC. Note that we keep this repository updated with the most recent release of ArduPilot from Dronecode.
In the same directory (/tmp/OcPoC) type:

$ git clone