Built-in Test

The Built-in Test is a diagnostic tool for determining if any of the devices attached to the OcPoC are malfunctioning.

The Aerotenna Smart Drone Development Platform is shipped with a Built-In Test (BIT) available on the OcPoC's microSD card. This BIT is available for checking basic sensor functionality. Follow these steps to run the BIT:

  1. Start up the OcPoC, with a battery, while connected to a computer via USB
  • Windows users:
    1. Open device manager
    2. Open the section with 'Ports(COM & LPT)'
    3. Find 'Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge' and make note of the COM number
    4. Open PuTTY and enter the 'COMX' number from the previous step into the COM field, and set the baud to 115200
  • Linux Users:
    1. Open GTKTerm
    2. In the configuration menu, Select /dev/ttyUSB0 and 115200 baud
  1. Out of the box, the OcPoC is configured to autorun ArduCopter on startup. Enter the following command to stop ArduCopter:
/etc/init.d/ardupilot stop
  1. Navigate to the /root/BIT folder
  2. Run ./run.sh

Typical Partial Fail of Sensors. The CAN Hub, μLanding, GPS, and associated Magnetometer need their connections checked.



If any of the tests fail, then the system is not ready to fly. If the barometer or any of the IMUs fail their tests, then your OcPoC is damaged and will need to be replaced.



If the CAN Hub and the μLanding are not connected, or fail, then you will receive an error about Prox_log, this is normal.

  1. Check the connections of all the devices that receive the FAIL notice, physically power down the aircraft, and reattempt the test.

In this example, the front and right μSharp-Patch Radar are physically connected to the CAN Hub but the internal antenna has been disconnected, possibly due to extreme mechanical shock