Required Software

First this tutorial assumes you are operating on a Ubuntu operating System. Throughout this tutorial, however, we will give instructions for non-Linux operating system users.


To install Git on Ubuntu, type:

$ sudo apt-get install git


If you are using Windows, you will need 7zip to unpack the rootfs files.


This utility will be used to partition your micro SD card if you plan to configure your own. On Ubuntu, type:

$ sudo apt-get install gparted

Or, in Windows or Mac, download EaseUS Partition Master, or equivalent tool.

Mission Planner

For this tutorial we will use Mission Planner as the ground station. Feel free to use your own compatible ground station software. Mission Planner has to run on a Windows systems. If you do not have a Windows device, you can click HERE to set up a virtual machine.

Click HERE to get Mission Planner up and running.

What’s Next