Connecting OcPoC to WiFi

Hardware Requirements:

As of this time we HIGHLY recommend you find a Wifi dongle with the "rtl8192cu" chipset. This chipset is the only one that we can confirm as 'OcPoC ready hardware'. Below are some links for Wifi adapters that we have confirmed are compatible.



Once you plug a WiFi dongle into the OcPoC, that specific adapter will be paired with the board and you will have to reconfigure some files to get the OcPoC to accept a different one.

Once you have a WiFi adapter that runs on the rtl8192cu you will most likely need a USB to micro-USB adapter


If you are purchasing this adapter, make sure the USB end is female and the micro-USB is male, as shown above.

At this time the OcPoC cannot connect to networks with WEP2 security protocols. We are currently documenting this process and will have it available very soon!

Inputting Network Information:

The file you will have to edit is located on the OcPoC in the following location:


These are the default settings for this file:


Default Interfaces file

Below is the simplest settings to connect to a Wifi network. You can copy this text and paste over the default settings on your SD Card.

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp

allow-hotplug wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp

  wpa-ssid "network-name-here"
  wpa-psk "password-here"
iface default inet dhcp

Note: Insert your network name and password inside the quotations, do not remove them!

After you save your changes to the interfaces file, reboot your board. Your board should automatically connect to the designated WiFi network around the time the kernel boots. You can connect to your OcPoC via gtkterm to confirm your connection and acquire the OcPoC's IP address with the 'ifconfig' command:


IP address is shown above underlined in red.

Now that you are connected to the world wide web you can take advantage of other capabilities like communicating with your OcPoC over SSH, or downloading and installing ROS. Check out 'Other Useful Tutorials' for assistance!