Required Hardware

If you purchased Aerotenna's airframe, you should have all the parts you need to be able to fly.


Building Your Own Airframe

If you are building your own airframe, make sure you have all the necessary hardware! You will need:

• frame body


example hexa-frame (can use any frame type you want)

• motors with ESCs and propellers


example motor, esc and propeller (use any kind you want that fits with your frame)

• PPM RC receiver and transmitter


FrSKY 4 channel RC receiver (pairs with FrSKY 4 channel transmitter)

• GPS antenna


Generic GPS antenna (make sure your connector matches this one, which is compatible with OcPoC)

• Micro SD card

• BEC to output 5V for powering OcPoC


Example BEC to convert battery voltage to 5V

• Battery (matching ESC and motor requirements)


Battery example (make sure the one you choose is compatible with your motors and ESCs)

And finally,
• (optional) Telemetry modules for GCS link


example telemetry modules for Ground Station connection

Make sure the air module connector matches the one described in the Assemble Airframe section.

What’s Next