What is μLanding?


The Smart, Compact, All-Purpose Radar Altimeter

μLanding is a miniaturized microwave radar altimeter that provides accurate above-ground-level (AGL) altitude information in real time. It can be used for autonomous takeoff, landing and waypoint navigation for UAVs/drones as well as maintaining a target altitude during flight.

At 68 x 78 x 15mm and 30g (60g with enclosure), it's the smallest and lightest radar altimeter on the market and a great solution even for small drones.

Designed with the end user in mind, μLanding is quick to install, easy to use and seamlessly interfaces with Aerotenna's OcPoC SoC flight controller or other flight controllers.

μLanding is a cost-effective, ready-to-fly solution used by drone makers, developers and service providers to enable:
• Autonomous takeoff and landing
• Waypoint navigation
• Maintaining target altitude
• Mapping and surveying over land and water
and more!


What’s Next