Why μLanding?

Advantages of μLanding

  1. Robust performance in any weather condition, making microwave sensing technology superior to IR and ultrasound
  2. Superior capability at any time of day or night
  3. Unparalleled flexibility over challenging terrains including water, bushes, crops, sand, etc.
  4. Long range of up to 100m
  5. High accuracy down to 5cm
  6. Fastest update rate on the market for microwave radars
  7. At 68 x 78 x 15mm, it's the smallest radar altimeter on the market
  8. Super light weight (30g without enclosure) makes it ideal for drones of any size
  9. Low power consumption of just 1.25W
  10. Supports multiple I/O interfaces including GPIO, CAN, I2C

The μLanding is a little larger than 4 AA batteries; so small we lose them in the office... frequently.

What’s Next